Turkey – from Ankara to Silopi and bad karma part two

Turkey – from Ankara to Silopi and bad karma part two

Bad karma part two

The train will leave once a week always on Monday morning from Ankara to Teheran. So, I went early in the morning to the train station after I stayed at Omers home and was exited to drive with this train. Everyone promised me it’s such a nice experience, because the train drives very slowly through a beautiful nature and it is mostly full with very nice and friendly Iranian people. If I cannot go to Iran I could have there a little bit of an Iranian feeling. But it should not happen, the train was fully booked for the next two weeks. In this moment I felt my bad karma comes back.

Spontaneously I decided to go on by bus to Tatvan on the Van lake and go south from there with another bus till Silopi – the only border on which it is possible to cross to Iraq for tourists. I will go on and don`t want to stay one day more in the area of western Turkey.

Central Bus station

Ankara Bus stationAs I arrived at the central bus station I had to wait three hours. There is a park with a lot of green places around. I just wanted to chill there till my bus goes. After twenty minutes a guy came and shouted I cannot stay here. I could not understand why, but I had so leave. He just said: “Problem, Go!” I went to the other side of the central bus station which is huge and sit down there and stated to write on my some stories for Blog.

Ankara Bus station parkAfter about 30 minutes the police came to me and asked what I am doing here. I just answered that I wait for my bus to Tatvan in two hours. Hey said I should follow them for control. Oh my god, fucking police control. I went with them to the office. No one could speak English from about eight people there.

Police office

The police there is really low educated. First they got confused why I have two passports, one South African one German. Then they didnt understood what I want to do in <strong>Tatvan</strong>. I tried to explain I want to meet an English friend there. We tried to translate with google translation but it didnt worked really well. After a while, they asked me if I am Christ. I said I am atheist – it’s not really right but how should I explain what’s an agnostic is to people they don`t understand anything? The boss of them said directly I can pack my backpack again and I am free to go.

I got the first feeling what they want from me. They think I maybe could be an ISIS/Daesh sympathizer, like so many (more than ten thousand) others coming from Europe, to go in this area. After I was ready with packing two new police guys came and started to ask me again everything and again without English. Now I become a little bit unfriendly and got frustrated. So, I started to claim in German about the situation.

They searched in my laptop what I was writing and went through my saved photos. They couldn’t understand but they saw in my reports words like Taksim square, Iraq and so on. They got much more skeptical about me. After a while, they said I could go now anyway. Till this moment I was just frustrated, but everything was ok, I had at least 30 minutes till the bus will start.

Seceond police control

As I arrived at the bus, the police was there and cached me again. The changed my ticked to a later one on the evening and I protested very loud now. But it helped nothing, they brought me in another room. On the end they could organize an English-speaking translator. Really intelligent to think about a translator after nearly three hours. He started to ask me everything again, but he understood what I was telling – it was so much easier for me now. Also he watched my international press card and understood that I am a journalist. Then he said: We know you stayed in Eskisehir and you contacted Ur Urso.

I never heard this name before and claimed I don`t know this person. They really thought I am a terrorist and I am on the way to Syria or Iraq to fight with the ISIS/Daesh. I was shocked. At the moment my bus was leaving and they said abrupt that I can go now, the bus will wait for me. What, why? I understood nothing anymore.

“Thank you, you can go now”. Thank you? I said: “Fuck off your thank you! and went frustrated away to my bus very fast to reach it and didn`t said goodbye or anything else – I just ignored them. Because the bus was waiting for me they registered my police problem and the whole bus was looking angry to me when I entered.


I had to stay in this bus for 18 hours, so it was not really funny with all this angry people, also because the police told them what they thought about me.

Bus to Tatvan (2) Bus to TatvanI was felt so badly in it. I had to change my seat several times without any reason and was in a really bad mood. Just at midnight there entered an Iranian guy called Ahmed, he was the first friendly person on this day, spend me a whole package of Bahman – Iranian cigarettes (the smallest I have ever seen), fruits and was speaking normally with me, like a human being, not like a hated alien.


Just one thing was strange on this whole story. I cannot understand why they knew that I was in Eskisehir, I had no document about my stay. And later in the bus I could remember that I met a guy and his girlfriend in the bus from Eskisehir to Ankara – both very young and totally friendly – and invited me to a cay on the rest place. We couldnt talk, because they also didnt spoke English, but the names from them was Ur and Ada.

Ur and AdaMaybe it had something to with it. But how the police could know this? And this guy way not older than nineteen or twenty years old. Just a hazard or maybe it was a recruit for the ISIS? I will never find out for sure.


After the 18 hours’ drive I arrived at five o’clock in the morning at Tatvan. Because the whole city was still sleeping I decided to walk the 500 meters down to the lake and watch the sun rising. Searching for a place to sleep made so sense, because my next bus to Silopi goes at eight. On my way close to the lake a group of dogs came angry to me with fetched tees – I went back away to the closed bus station just waiting till it become eight o`clock. After all this bad happenings I was so tired and had problems to keep my eyes open.

TatvanAfter the sun was coming also the first people started walking around to work or anything else. Everyone looked at me so strange and no one was greeting. I thought if I asleep know there will something bad happen to me. At about six thirty the bus station opened and I could go in. But I was still sacred and didn`t want to sleep on the seat. To keep my awake I went out all some minutes to smoke a cigarette and every time I had bad feeling, because again everyone watched me out there on a very unfriendly way.

TatvanWhen the bus was coming I directly felt asleep in it. When I woke up sometimes I saw that the nature is becoming much more nice – green hills, nice valleys, some snow-covered hills and little rivers.

near Silopi Near Silopi 2 Bus to Silopi Bus to Silopi 3 Bus to Silopi 2But I couldn’t stay awake for a long time. At the late afternoon I arrived to Silopi.


SilopiMy first impression was – there is a hard oil smelling all over in the air. Kids asked me for money when I got out of the bus, one was shouting: Tourist – Tourist! The signal to the others there is money to catch. One of my bus mates took me directly in a taxi and we drove to the only hotel in the City. The city was so different – very interesting on the one way and very poor and fucked up on the other. I took a shower, went for a good chicken dinner and felt asleep again in the Hotel.


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