Turkey – back to Istanbul and Ankara again and the Terrorist attacks

Turkey – back to Istanbul and Ankara again and the Terrorist attacks

The hotel I booked was on the European part was one of the worst hotels I ever stayed. The room I booked was without a window and just as big as the bed has place in. The room was for more than 25 Euros each night. I booked two nights and had already paid before I arrived. I was close to a nerve collapse after I have seen the room and after my bad experiences in Ankara before. I made trouble at the receptionist, because I couldn’t accept it and luckily they gave me a little bit better room, not really bigger but with window. The neighborhood was also not really the best. If you ever stay in Istanbul don`t book at the Kaya Hotel.

I was not interested to walk around and loose again a lot of money on the European part of this city. So, I stayed the whole day in my room, working on my blog and tried to find a nice hostel for the next days.

TwinsAnd – there was my luck coming back. I found a really cheap and very good referenced Hostel at booking.com. As I arrived, the personal was very friendly at the twinsroom hostel and I arrived in a dorm with other nice people in. I was so happy. I met Mohammed from Sudan, one guy from Libya and one from Algeria in my room. Also I met two young German girls traveling round Europe and a Swiss guy, who was traveling by bike from Basel till China. He needed just six weeks from Basel to Istanbul and remember, it was winter time. Respect to him.

Twins GrafittiThe two evenings in the Hostel I was hanging out mostly with the hostel personal, a really nice girl from Lithuania, a guy from Portugal and the Manager, a very funny guy from Turkey.

Twins personalAlso Muhammed from Sudan joined our group every late evening.

MohammedWe had great discussions and a lot of wine. I was feeling very good at this place. I just can highly recommend the twinsroom Hostel and the twins café below, owned by a South African guy – he had the best coffee in Istanbul and you get a special price if you are a hostel guest. I had such a good time there. Thanks to all of you.

Twins HostelAfter Istanbul, my plan was to go back to Eskisehir for one day to meet Mustafa again to give him some information’s and helping him, going on with his live. I stayed again at the Bulvar hostel and met him and some if his Iraqi friends. It was a nice evening too. Unfortunately my plan with Iran I cancelled because of the visa problem (too long time to get the registration number). I was really sad about it. Iran was one of my biggest dreams to discover. But with this long waiting time I had just maybe two weeks to travel through Iran and this time would be not enough, also the visa would be too expensive with hundred euros for this short time. I will go their separate after my journey.

I got a contact from Paul, my new friend I was meeting in Las Palmas (his Blog Weltblicke) and the blog of Ana, his girlfriend. Both are blessed traveler and writer. Samuel was the couch surf contact they gave me and he lives in Soran, a city in northern Iraq. He is an English teacher from London and he invited me to show me the Kurdistan autonomic area and stay at his place for free.

Twins placeSo, I went back to Ankara, the place I hate so much by bus. I wanted to take the train, but on these day there was no electricity in the whole western country. After one day I found out what was the happening – Terrorists kidnapped one guy from an electricity company and killed him later. On the same day there happened also three other attacks to Istanbul. All from a militant left group to fight against the Erdogan system and the capitalism.

From Ankara goes the Trans-Asia Express to Teheran and I wanted to go with it to Van and from there to Iraq – Soran, the place of Samuel. I booked an AirBnB place from Omer in Ankara for one night. He was not at home, so he instructed his flat mate Greg from Canada to welcome me. These two guys were so nice and friendly to me – Greg hates Ankara same like me, he is just there because of his girlfriend.

Omer and GregBut he said that he cannot stay there a long time, because this place makes a too bad mood to him. We had a nice evening and Omer said I can stay for free, because he loves my doing with the refugees and all this stuff. So nice. From them I also got a contact to a refugee camp near the Kobane on the Syrian border. I will go there after Iraq.

Hotels, B&Bs, apartments, hostels, book here!

For concillation a very nice video from Turky – here you can see the country from a different view.


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2 Kommentare zu “Turkey – back to Istanbul and Ankara again and the Terrorist attacks

  1. Dear Nico, sorry to hear that you also felt uncomfortable in Istanbul…there are so many bad hotels in the city and yes, it can be overwhelming really…as it can be in any other world metropole. I personally had similar experiences myself, when it came to accommodation booked via internet, in Barcelona, Dehli, Nairobi, etc….but personally I love Istanbul and always stay on the european side. It is so cosmopolitan and full of culture, especially the area around Beyoglu, Cihangir, Taksim, Bebek, etc….I never had a bad experience there, except for more begging in the recent year, due to so many Syrian refugees….I guess speaking Turkish helps, but also my foreign friends, so far, have always enjoyed this part of the city….So I hope you give it another chance, maybe next time I can give you some first hand tips and I am sure you will get to love the euopean part of Istanbul….as for Ankara…I totally share your views….Concerning the power cut of the entire country end of march…so far none of us, living here and following the news, had an explanation about the reason of the black out, so I would very much appreciate a link to your information about the kidnapping, as I fear that might not be news from a trustworthy source, but prove me wrong….so any links regarding the subject would be great….so where are you now??? As spoken before…you are welcome here in the South West if you need a place to crash….best wishes, Inci

  2. Dear Inci Seawitch Denizci, thanks for your comment. It is very important and more than welcome. As you can read in my other report, I had a really good time in Istanbul. I like the city very much. But is, like you write, on all tourist places the same, the people are focused to take teh tourists money and therefore as much as possible. I hate this. I think it is important to warn other travelers for bad accomodations and tourist cheater. The other point is your question about the information from the energy shutt down. Sorry, there are no links existing. I have my information from a person who works in a energy company and therefore this information is very sencitive and I promised to save it. Please understand this point. People who are speaking open can become big trouble. I am in Soran – Kurdistan (Iraq) in the moment. In two days I will hitchhike back in to the direction of Urfa. I will contact you when I arrive to Mersin in about one week. All the best, Nico

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