Turkey – Ankara to Eskisehir and my bad karma

Turkey – Ankara to Eskisehir and my bad karma

Arrival on my worst place – Ankara

I arrived after my hitchhiking tour from Istanbul to the cheapest hostel (one of the only two existing ones) in Ankara directly in the center, were I booked a bad in a dorm. It was my first time that I booked a dorm bed.

Ankara2Normally I always had single rooms before, to work on my Blog. But I wanted to try the shared room because to meet some other travelers with them I can speak and hang around. Always just natives with bad English was boring after a while. The mixture was it, what I wanted. So, I decided to search for travelers too.

No travelers in Ankara

Unfortunately in Ankara are no travelers. There was one other guy in the dorm, but he was separated with ear plugs and his mobile phone. I was feeling that he wanted no conversation or contact. In the other rooms stayed just long time students – they are seperated too, because just girls and they are not allowed to get in touch with foreigners, because of their family issues. They just went to school and stay in the hostel later all the day. They don`t go out. Poor girls.

Ankara Typ an der StrasseSo, I was alone again and so I relaxed this evening on my room doing some internet and PC stuff. I decided to stay one day in Ankara to watch out the city. On the next day I just walked around without a specific plan, like I do it mostly when I arrive on a place I never was before. I just wanted to get lost by myself and discover the new places without any tourist guide-book or anything else. Just follow the flow.

Nothing to discover in Ankara

I saw, the city seems very bad in the first moment. No special oriental flair or something exotic, like the Bazar and the places in Istanbul: nothing. Just big streets, a lot of normal cement house blocks and absolutely no good energy. Garbage was everywhere and it was smelling so much. The pollution in this city is very high, you get really problems with breathing. No restaurant or bar street and no old and historical buildings. I found some scary fun parks where the locals hang around maybe in their free time. The only places to go for them to have a little bit of fun. But also not really nice places.

Ankara Römer PlatzBut I found on google maps one place, which has an old wall from the Romanian Empire time.

Angry people in Ankara

Ankara3As I arrived at this place, before a small boy spite at me, because I didn`t gave him money. It was weired and gave me a really bad feeling. It is strange when someone spite at you. It changed something in my self – I was a kind of shocked. After five minutes walking on the street a young guy walked next to me and boxed me. What the fuck – again shocked I stopped wanted to react by instinct. I saw his angry eyes and before I could do anything and old Turkish guy took me away from the situation and gave me signal just to go on with walking.

Bad feeling in Ankara

But after this two happenings I was so confused that I become more carefully and watched the people around me more than before. I saw that a lot of people are also watching to me very angry and watched me out, which shoes I have, what clothes I wear and some gave me an angry face to show me I am not welcome here.

Ankara4I got such a bad feeling that I directly wanted to leave this place – turned around and went away back. I was searching for a nice park to hang out, but every green area I could find, was with a barrier and military police maybe for security.

Ankara ParkOn this places I also could not relax. That’s not so easy for me to chill when people with heavy guns are around me. I went back to the hostel and decided to take the next bus out of the city on the next day early in the morning.

Change my plan

After I checked the weather and had some conversations via Skype I cancelled my plan to go to the north to Trabzon, because the forecast said there will be snow for the next days and I got some information’s that the visa will not work anymore in Trabzon at short time. The Consul got problems by ignoring the Iranian registry number process and was just a view weeks before changed the system, so I should wait more than three weeks to receive the visa.

Fahrt nach EskisehirAlso a friend was booking a flight to Greece over Istanbul for the next days and this gave me the motivation to travel slowly back to Istanbul. I saw on the map there is a city called Eskisehir and because I just wanted to leave Ankara as fast as possible, I found there a cheap hostel and took the bus on the next day in the morning.


EskisehirEskisehir means old city and it is approximately one of the oldest cities in Turkey. Because I love old cities I was sure it will be a good place for me. After I arrived I got a feeling of a very easy-going place and a smooth city with a strange but mostly with nice Energy. The hostel I stayed in, called Bulvar hostel was pretty new and again I was not lucky with meeting other travelers, because I was the only guest there.

Bulvar HostelMeeting Mustafa

But at walking around on a green area on a small river that goes through the city I met Mustafa, a young refugee from Bagdad. He invited me for eating and we got in a deep conversation. We decided to make a story about his live on the next day.

Mustafa5I was writing a lot and met me on the next evening with Mustafa to make the interview for the story and just enjoyed the day by relaxing. From an old city I couldn’t find anything like old buildings. Everything was looking very new there. After the meeting I decide to support him in his next steps and so we still stay in contact. In the meantime I booked a hostel in Istanbul to meet my friend there, but after the booking I got the message that the flight is cancelled because of a credit card issue. It seems I had a really bad karma in this moment. Because I had a booked and paid place to stay in Istanbul and decided to go there anyhow. I went again by bus to Istanbul, but this time I booked on the European part and it was a big mistake. Why? – you can read in the next article…

By the way, it was important for me to have this experience, because this is the reason, why I do this travel off the road – to find out why travelers don`t visit specific places. For Ankara I know and understand now.


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