On the road from Göcek to Cyprus to change my plans

On the road from Göcek to Cyprus to change my plans

Start in Göcek

After the great time at Inci`s home, I went back in the direction of Tusucu (Silifke), to go by ferry on to Cyprus. About 650 km in two days, also not that much to reach by hitchhiking in Turkey, easy traveling. From Göcek, I started very late at about 1 p.m. with my first destination Alanya. I wanted to reach it on the same day, because I knew there, a cheap hotel to stay for one night.

On the beginning of my trip on this day, I had a lot of short time lifts, maybe four or five till I could go on faster. I met another hitchhiker, he was from Germany but with a Turkish background. I was happy to find a company, but after a while, I recognized he was a little bit strange. He didn`t wanted to speak that much and after we drove together with a Turkish truck drive,r he translated and said, the driver wants money from me now. I asked him just from me and not from you? I gave nothing to this driver. After this, he wanted to stop for a while to go praying and I was happy that I could go on without this strange guy.

Way to AlanyaAlanya

The next lift was again a truck – I could go on with him till Alanya. I arrived at about 9 p.m. there.

Way to TusucuAs we stopped and I wanted to go out of the truck, this driver asked me if he can kiss me?! In the first moment I was shocked, said “no” and jumped out of the truck. You always should take care of the truck drivers, not only as girl – some of them are really wired.

Truck ViewI made myself a nice evening to hang around with some Kurdish guys I met there. I discovered the touristic area of Alanya – a horrible place for me. A lot of European and Russian tourists and also a lot of girls and women – a lot of them are there, to get a Turkish boyfriend or holiday relationship. The Turks made a business out of it and make a lot of fun about the stupid tourists there.


I went on the next day by bus, to be sure, that I will arrive by time to the ferry and don`t miss these.

Stop AntalyaI arrived at about eight p.m. in Tusucu and checked in. I spoke with a Turkish cargo ship captain, if there are any boats to Egypt from Mersin or Cyprus? He answered: “What will you do in Egypt, that’s Arabs. It’s not save there – don`t go there!” Aha, I said, I don’t care. I just want to know if it is possible, to go there by cargo ship? He answered again, I should not got there because there are Arabs – no one should go there. “OK, I got it, but are there any ships going there?” – “It’s dangerous, don’t go to the Arabs”. – I gave up and stopped the conversation, went down to the marina, to watch around at the sailing boats, before I had to enter the ferry.

Slow Ferry – Entering Cyprus

Ferry to CyprusAs I waiting for the ferry I met a Brazilian girl, also traveling long time. Because all others on the boat were Turks or Turkish Cypriots without speaking English, I was really happy to found a company.

The Ferry drove very slowly and needed eight hours for the short distance. We arrived at about 7 a.m. on the next morning.

GirneA new country to discover for me, I was excited. We hitchhiked from Girne, the harbor city in northern Cyprus to Nicosia – the first car stopped and brought us directly to the Capital City and to one of the five gates there. Cyprus is separated, in the northern Turkish part and the southern Greece part. But it’s also an own country – the Republic of Cyprus. Just the north is occupied by the Turks and therefore the culture is more Turkish. In the southern part, you have more the European-, especially the Greece flair.

Nicosia and the two parts of Cyprus

I stayed some days in Nicoisa on the southern, Greece part and then also some days by a couch surf host at the northern part. The city is split, but there are some gates you can cross easily to the other side. For Europeans, it’s enough to show just the ID, you don`t need a passport. Also the locals can cross whenever they want. It is for general a relaxed flair on the gates.

Here you can see how the „wall“ – or better, barrier looks like:UN buffer zoneThe Wall NicosiaI spoke a lot with people from both parts to hear their opinions about the politic in Cyprus. I heared a lot of hate in Cyprus and in the eyes of the people about each other, about the neighbor. The Turk Cypriots are more relaxed, they say: there were a lot of racist Greece people, they fighted and killed Turks. This is the reason, why the Turkish army came, to protect them.

Border at nightOn the southern part, a lot of people really hate the Turk Cypriots and shout the whole day against them. No one knows anything about the people from the other side exactly, but everyone has a problem with the others. I recognized, the Greece people were much angrier about the Turks, then otherwise.

But the situation is much more complicate. Cyprus was occupied by England in the past and as Cyprus became independent and an own state, there was a minority of two extremist group of people, the Greece Nationalists and the Turk Nationalist, both wanted to belong to their home country. The government of the Republic of Cyprus had a good connection to Russia and this was a reason for the USA and England to support the Nationalists.

On the end they had a war, a lot of people got killed, Turkey came and occupied the northern part illegally and England has still the best places occupied for his military stations. England took what they needed and gave the rest of the Island to the people and let them fight about it. The UN is watching everything.

But I made some good friends through couch surfing and other contacts, like my two-day friends from Nicosia:

Friends NicosiaMeeting my Mum on my birthday

My Mum made holiday in the same time, also in Cyprus, so we could meet us and celebrate my birthday to together on the Greece part with cocktails on the beach and a nice boat trip to some caves along the coast. Nico Geb.It was also my first day swimming in the crystal clear, blue water before the coast. Nature in Cyprus is really beautiful, you have the mountains in the north, some nice beaches and also some cliffs. Cyprus is a nice Island for hiking and biking as well.

I visited Salamis, called Solomos in the past, a very old place with some ruins still there from Romanian empire and also Farmagusta, both nice places in the northern part.

Famagusta ChurchIn the southern part I stayed mostly in Nicosia by an czech guy, who is also traveling since several years, but stock now in cyprus, to work and make some money. He is programmer and was a great company. I stayed two days in Larnaca to watch out the marina and the harbour for connections and also visited Limassol two times and met there a great Serbian company. Making friends all over the world is the best on traveling.

Serbian DinnnerThe citiys by them selve have nothing special, Farmagusta has a small and nice old city, also Nicosia. But really very small, you walk through there an less than one hour. On one part of the Island you a village called Aja Napa, very simmilar to palces like Alanya, Rimini or EL Arenal. But more about Cyprus in a separate report.

The connection for the way to Africa

Finally, I spoke with a cargo ship company and they would take me to Israel for about 200€. The only way, to move to Africa from Eastern Europe without using a flight. No ferries are existing anymore, just cargo ship company’s and the most of them don`t take passengers, because of the much paperwork. For sailors is the area also not to attractive, because the coast line of north Egypt is not so spectacular and you have to do a lot of paper work for clearing and visas. That’s, what the most private sailors are afraid of. So, it’s difficult to hitchhike there by boat.

Changing my plans

I decided, that it is the wrong time to move to northern Africa now, because I would melt there by more than 45 degrees. Also my money is going away much faster than I thought. I have to work and got a good offer. Because of this, I decided to make a break in Cyprus, to work in Spain and Croatia over the summer time as Skipper, fill up my travel budget and will end of September back in Cyprus.

Also traveling so fast – I reached 10.000 kilomters in two and a half month – by mostly hitchhiking and youch surfing with all the refugee experiences I need a break to come down. I can promise that I will be at Dezember in Cape Town, that means, I will go on for sure! To be continued… 😉

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