A kind of a traveling-holiday

A kind of traveling-holiday

After my days in Mersin, I decided to make a real holiday from traveling so extremely off the path. I was searching for international people with a similar mission than me. I wanted to meet other long time travelers.

From Mersin to Olimpos

I went to Alanya first by hitchhiking on one day from Mersin. I was surprised, because Alanya is a nice and small city between two hills with a nice beach and a castle on the top of one of these hills.

AlanyaMaybe it was because the preseason that I didn`t had the feeling this is the big touristic place like everyone told me. On the other side I was happy to see some international faces on the street and the people are talking mostly English in the bars and on the street.

I was drinking a beer on the beach and went to my cheap hotel to felt asleep.

Alanya BierOn my second time in Alanya I found the touristic place. The first time I just was on the silent part of the city and a too short time there to make the touri experience. I will write in another report about it.

On the next day, after five minutes of waiting, a Turkish-German guy took me directly to Antalya. I just saw all the horrible hotel complexes next to the street to Antalya – it self surrounded by big hills in his bag – it was an amazing view.

AntalyaI just passed the city and went on to Olimpos. About this place, Samuel told me, that’s a nice alternative area. I hoped to find there what I am searching for.


And I found an incredible beautiful place.

Olimpos the HillOlimpos is in the mountain area, but located very low near the beach. The beach is totally peaceful and huge.

Olimpos BeachSome rivers are crossing and splitting the beach. Olimpos is not a city, it’s just a place near the beach in the forest with a lot of old ruins.

Olimpos Ruins 3 Olimpos Ruins Olimpos Ruins2 Olimpos Ruins4You can walk through all them and also climb and hike up to some of them on big rocks.There are some little bridges in the forest were small waters are flowing.

Olimpos Bridge Olimpos Turtle Olimpos TempelBehind the ruins there is a street maybe ten kilometers up to the main road.

On this street you find some little markets and a lot of nice hostels and camps. That’s treehouse hostels. Kadirs4Yeah, everything made from wood, into the forest, showers with solar power, that means you just have warm water when the sun is shining and everything in an alternative and ecologic way and flair.

kadirs In the past it was also known at a hippy place. The oldest tree house camp is Kadirs, established in 1983.

Kadirs PoemKadirs nightOK, that’s not really tree houses, but the wooden bungalow camps have a good energy and are really cheap. I got the night for about 12 Euros including breakfast and dinner, mostly vegetarian but extremely tasty.

Kadirs3 Kadirs2On the working days it is a good place to relax – the other guest you find there, are mostly hikers they do the Lycian way, or just a part of it. You find all nationalities there and all ages. Some families with kids, also some older sporty persons and for sure young hikers and travelers.

On the weekend it is like a small festival from all this camps together with some bars and meeting hotspots for Party at night. Amazing – exactly the right ambient for me.

Kadir Bar Kadir Fire I met some great people there and could come down the first time. On my last day there I crashed into a group of people they organize a small culture festival, they just started to establish it.

Coom FestivalOrganized from an Irakian guy, a Turkish woman and lot of Germans together with international street musicians. They want to make a big thing out of it the next years – you can check out Coom-Festival.

From Olimpos I hitchhiked further on to Göcek and passed Kas – a really nice tiny small village surrounded by Islands and a nice Marina.


I got an invitation to Göcek from Inci, a sailor. I know her just from Facebook, but I decided to follow this friendly invitation and watch out the other part of Turkey too and stay there for some days more of holiday.

Balcony ViewGöcek is a small village mostly oriented to the boat people. They have eight Marinas in and around Göcek. It’s like a melting point for sailors, charter companies and the Turkish Mega Yacht business. It seems everyone there has to deal with boats. A lot of people are talking English or Germany but you don`t have the kind of mass tourism like in Antalya or Alanya. It’s a little bit a luxury area there and also the prices are higher than in all other places in Turkey I stayed before. Incis flat was great, with a big terrace and view over one of the marinas in the center. A place with a goof fengshui.

Inci BalconyInci had a very a similar view and opinion like me and we had great discussions. Also she teached me a little bit about Turkish politics, culture and helped me with a lot of contacts and information’s for the next steps of my journey. And the first time, I became the feeling that I have to change something in my travel plan. I cannot go on like I was doing it, because I had too much and long times without fun. This was not the plan of my trip – it should be nice and great also and not mostly bad. For sure I had great and deep experiences with locals, but an inner voice told me it’s not only what I wanted to find. I also wanted to enjoy more great places. Also Africa will not be easier, this I know.

The most time I just hang out in the flat. Only on my last two days, I decided to move on and visited one day Dalyan.

DalyanThe city is not too far away from Göcek and you can find there rock tomb which are probably about 4000 years old.

Felsengräber DalyanDalyan FelsengräberAnd after a walk of 20 minutes you reach a huge area with ruins.

Dalyan Ruins 2 Dalyan Ruins I also went up a small hill to see the whole area. It was incredible nice. The area is so nice, surrounded by hills, a big river, some lakes and far away you can see the sea.

Dalyan Ruins2 Dalyan2 Rainbow Gathering

On my last day I went to my first rainbow gathering. It was near Göcek, but deeply in the hills located. No real street was going to the place and it was more a camping for spiritual people. It is a nice idea and I met great people there. The ideology is very similar to mine, but some of these people are too hard for me. Like some people have a problem with mobile phone, because they hate every electric stuff and some are much too alternative for my opinion. One guy wanted to teach Capo Era – after two minutes, another guy came and said, he should stop this, because fighting makes a too bad energy here. You send bad vibes to the universe. Too much for me on acting a spiritual believing.

(electronic forbidden, so – no pictures. This is from the Coom-festival)

Lighty treeI went back in the night – walking two hours through the forest in the mountains – hitchhiking from a small village at 11.30 p.m. – yes, it worked – but the driver wanted again money on the end – I didn`t gave him anything – he went angry away and then I stocked near Fethye for the whole night on the street. No one stopped at night for me. After 6 hours waiting, a truck took me at 05 a.m.

He was a horrible person, just talking about porno and sex all the time – I was happy after I could leave this truck and arrive at about 06 a.m. back to Incis flat.


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